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I finally watched the movie SuperBad. A few of my friends had been stating how funny it was. I will say I found the movie amusing but i am not sure if I could qualify it as funny. I found old school and wedding crashers funny but I did not find Knocked Up funny. Maybe, I have hit that weird point in my life were I have finally became part of a genre of movie. My parents always talk about when music was music. I guess for me with my kids it will be when movies were movies. I never thought about it as a generalization thing until now.

Also back to the move Superbad. Even though the movie was okay in my book. It really did portray the teenage guy on his quest for a female companion well. I did like that you got to see it from both the horn dog and the romantic side of it. Each character did well to fit their roles. From what I remembered this movie is pretty accurate from the way of teenage feelings.

I would say the movie was good overall but if people have built it up for you then go in with lower expectations. I went in with really high expectations and found it alright.

I will say its weird that when I was a teenager i never understood half the crap I do now. The weirdest part about it is as a teenager I thought I knew everything. So I am wondering in 10 more years will I have the same view on my life from now. Also will you be able to remember these kinds of feeling at each age to really to be really empathetic to our kids? Or will our kids just assume we are trying to pretend like we understand? I will say that each generation is a lot different, I could never imagine that my parent grew up in the same environment as me. However I guess now seeing what being a teenager is like it is always somewhat similar, though I am still afraid of what the next generation of teenagers are going to be like. Hell people think myspace is a problem now. I can not imagine what the next 10-15 year will bring for the new youths of America. I will say things like that is what freaks me out about raising kids. Its a tough job and I have the highest respect for it. I just hope one day I can let some of my fears go and be a normal parent or at at least a parent at all.

I think its one of those movies that you have to see with other people. Saw it at the B&V last night and I thought it was hilarious! Course, a few beers always helps - but I really think that an audience that is getting a big kick out of it all help eachother relax and really enjoy it!

As far as the generational/youth of the future comment - who knows. I thought there would never be a point where I wouldn't fully understand the way that people utilize computer technology... lord only knows what the next few years will bring...
Hi bud, I liked this entry a lot. I had a similar outlook on Superbad... good but over hyped. It just was not as funny as I thought everyone was saying it would be.

On the generational piece, I think all we can do is empathise with our childrens' feelings and respect that their emotions are real and new for them... regardless of whether we've been there before or not. I guess we will see:).
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